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The Ancient Theatre of Taormina

The ancient theatre of Taormina is one of the most beautiful representations of Greco-Roman art still present in Sicily. Located in the glamorous and delightful setting of Taormina, the theater occupies a prominent place within the tourist landscape of the town.

The Origins of the Theatre

The theater would have Hellenistic origins based on the few historical documents dated 3 century BC, but it is completely Roman for its external appearance. The original structure is linked to a small sanctuary of which only the base remains just on the belvedere overlooking the cavea. A first reconstruction of the building presumably occurred in the Republican age (Roman) or in the first empire under the Emperor Augustus. The building reached a maximum diameter of 109 meters, with an orchestra with a diameter of 35 meters, for a capacity of about 10,000 spectators. The structure used to present to the spectators the “Venationes” or the shows between gladiators and wild beasts. His abandonment is to be placed subsequent to the siege of the Vandals and the consequent decadence of the Roman Empire. During the Middle Ages a large part of the theater declined becoming a very rich private sector.

The Theater today

Since the 50s the theater, after an architectural and structural enhancement, has been used in various forms of entertainment. Some examples are the official awarding of the David di Donatello, the symphonic open-air concerts – above all in the summer -, and since 1983 it has been the venue of the Taormina Film Festival. Today the theater is mostly used for concerts, here a series of authors who have had the privilege of playing in this spectacular setting: Deep PurpleRobert PlantElton John, James BluntEddie VedderMikaPoohBen HarperKasabianTotoJethro TullAntonello VendittiDuran DuranStingThe CureMark KnopflerDeep PurpleSimple MindsSantanaLou ReedPeter GabrielTracy ChapmanPatti SmithRenato Zero.

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