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Etna Wines

Etna wines are some of the finest grape juices in the entire world. The particularity of the volcanic terrain of Etna, the favorable climate and the rarely tropical rains favor the development of the grapes and give to the Etna wines an unmistakable flavor.

Why Etna Wines like?

“A Muntagna”, this is how the Sicilians call Etna, the largest active volcano in Europe, which in recent years has become the new mecca of wine producers and enthusiasts. A lunar and magnetic landscape, made of black earths of volcanic origin, centuries-old tree-shaped vines, important thermal excursions and heterogeneous expositions: all factors that give the Etna wines unique traits, made of chiaroscuro, sapid veins and solid yet elegant structures. Wines that, far from being a passing fad, are becoming a security fed (and enlivened) by historical names and faces of new producers.

Etna Wineyards

Some Examples of Etna Wine

A uniqueness intuited and ridden by important Italian and foreign cellars and entrepreneurs, who have consecrated the Mountain to a true star of national viticulture. Last in chronological order the famous Piedmont winemaker Angelo Gaja, who recently bought 21 hectares together with the winemaker Alberto Graci, but it is not the only one: among the Etna vineyards there are the names of famous Sicilian companies such as Planeta, Firriato, Tasca d’Almerita and Donnafugata. Also many foreigners have been conquered by this area, such as Marco de Grazia, Florentine merchant of Italian wines in the United States and founder of Tenuta delle Terre Nere or Andrea Franchetti, owner of the Tenuta di Trinoro in Tuscany, creator of the Etna company Passopisciaro.

Pioneers of Etna Wines

Among the pioneers of the “Etna miracle” we find Giuseppe Benanti, Sicilian pharmacist, who in 1988 felt the rebirth of the atavistic flame of viticulture and gave life to a quality production, the energetic Alice Bonaccorsi of the Valcerasae Company and the Belgian merchant Frank Cornellisen who, struck by the Etna, in 2001 decided to stop and become winemaker. When it comes to the rebirth of local viticulture, however, the most cited name is undoubtedly that of the oenologist Salvo Foti, a true guardian of the values and beauty of this land, of which he knows every inch. He is responsible for the enhancement of Etna viticulture, the idea of consorting the artisans of the entire supply chain to form and supply local labor and the production of wines of profound awareness and ethics, such as the red Vinna Vinetra and the Vinudilice rosé.

5 Examples of Etna Wines

Calderara Sottana – Tenuta delle Terre Nere

“Etna belongs to Sicily as the exception belongs to a rule” is often said Marco de Grazia, a man with a strong and versatile personality, like his Calderara Sottana, with warm hints of red fruits and macerated flowers and earthy and herbal hints officinali, which surprises for the balance on the palate.

‘A Rina – Girolamo Russo

A trained humanist, winemaker by call, Giuseppe Russo, son of Girolamo, inherited his father’s company in 2004 and since then has been producing passionate and passionate wines, like ‘A Rina, a red Etna played on the subtle but incisive silhouette, with particular elegance.

Profumo di Vulcano – Federico Graziani

From the mind and the sensibility of the eclectic Federico Graziani comes Profumo di Vulcano, a wine that fully captures the sensuality of the Sicilian land and releases it in a refined nose, which gradually opens onto notes of red fruit and spices, and in welcoming sips , measured tannin and a long and incisive sluice.

Contrada G – Passopisciaro

In the company Passopisiciaro there is great attention to the enhancement of the individual areas, here called contrade, as in Contrada G, which stands for Guardiola district, a wine produced by centenarian plants, which give depth and complexity made of dark fruits, herbs aromatic, spices and balsamic notes.

Versante Nord Rosso – Eduardo Torres

From the volcanic soils of the Canaries to those of the Etna the energy of the young and talented Eduardo Torres Acosta is the engine of magnetic and great wines, such as Versante Nord Rosso, an intense wine with austere features, notes of morello and earth, palate juicy and long persistence.

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