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Pachino Tomato


Pachino tomato PGI is a vegetable of the Lycopersicum escluletum Miller species, which is divided into four types: Tondo Liscio (cluster or single fruit), Costoluto, Plum and Miniplum, Cherry (or Ciliegino). Is typical from the region of Pachino in Sicily.

Where Pachino Tomato is growing

The production area of Pachino Tomato PGI lies in the municipalities of Pachino, Portopalo di Capo Passero, Noto and Ispica, in the provinces of Syracuse and Ragusa, in the Sicily region.

Production method of Pachino tomato

Tomato cultivation takes place in a protected environment, in greenhouses and / or covered tunnels. During the summer it is also possible to use anti-insect nets. The transplant is performed in the period August-February, with the exception of the Cherry and Plum and Miniplum types, for which it can be carried out all year round. The training system is vertical; green pruning and, as needed, also topping are carried out. Irrigation is carried out using groundwater from wells located in the production area. Harvesting is manual, usually every 3-4 days.

Little tomato plants

Appearance and flavor of Pachino Tomato

The Tondo Liscio Pachino Tomato PGI in bunches is made up of round bright red berries while in the single fruit one the berries are green in color tending to dark green; the taste is very marked. The Costoluto type has large fruits, of an intense and bright dark green color, which turns red during ripening. The pulp is firm and is characterized by a high sugar content. The Plum and Miniplum typologies stand out for their more or less elongated shape, for their particularly sweet taste and flavor. The Ciliegino type is characterized by its cherry appearance on a herringbone cluster, with round, small fruits with a very bright color.

Pachino tomatoes
Fresh cherry tomatoes on the vine


One of the peculiarities of Pachino Tomato PGI is its storage period which exceeds that of other varieties of tomatoes. To best savor its characteristic sweet taste it is ideal to consume it raw. However, it can also be used in cooking to season, enhance and decorate Mediterranean dishes. Fresh is an excellent ingredient in mixed salads, in cold pasta and to flavor soups and pasta dishes. It is perfect on pizza. Ancient Sicilian traditions provide for the drying of the tomato and its preservation in extra virgin olive oil. In this way it is used in appetizers and on canapés, in pates, in combination with boiled meats and for the preparation of sandwiches and sandwiches.


The product is marketed as Pachino Tomatoes IGP in the types: Tondo Liscio (cluster or single fruit), Costoluto, Plum and Miniplum, Cherry or Ciliegino. The Ciliegino is available all year round, the Costoluto in the period from December to May, while the Tondo smooth is absent only in the summer months. Tondo Liscio is packaged in polyethylene trays of 300 and 500 g, less used the 1 kg trays. The Costoluto is packaged in cardboard or wooden boxes that do not exceed 10 kg of net weight; it can be stamped and sold loose and in some cases it is also found in trays of 300 and 500 g. For the Cherry type, the fruits can be pitted and packaged in trays weighing 250 and 500 g or 1 kg.

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