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Pollina Premium Resort – the place to be.

Pollina moonlight

The testimony of Sicilian Blog of the experience lived at the Pollina Premium Resort. We would like to underline that in order to make our judgment – and therefore our experience – as real as possible we did not come into contact with the property previously and we paid everything at the current rates.

Arrival at the Resort

Starting from Catania we traveled the Catania-Palermo motorway for its entire length taking the Buonfornello detour – just near Termini Imerese. Continuing on the second highway, this time the Palermo-Messina we passed Cefalù by taking the Pollina exit of the aforementioned highway. The journey by car, albeit wet from the rain in the center of Sicily, was pleasant and in about 2 and a half hours we arrived at our destination …. This time with the sun high in the sky!

The welcome at the Pollina Premium Resort

Approaching the entrance of the Resort we noticed how the same structure extends in a sinuous and harmonious way along the entire length of the promontory overlooking the sea of Pollina. The care of the flower beds in front of the entrance to the Resort and the person who welcomed us confirmed the first impression on the meticulous organization of the structure in its entirety. We temporarily parked the car near the reception (only to complete the check-in) and we continued with the delivery of the documents and the collection of the room keys and the cards for drinks at the bar, in our case also for the restaurants having chosen the bed & breakfast formula and choosing from time to time where to dine. The Resort obviously excludes the possibility of paying for drinks or meals with cash / cards, the expenses will be paid at the end of the stay at the time of check out.

First stop: the beach

The heat and the high sun, combined with the time – it was about 2 in the afternoon – meant that our first destination, after passing in the room and wearing the swimsuit, was the equipped beach of the resort. The exploration for the search of the beach began, but we deliberately wanted to take a long tour to understand where we were and all the characteristics of the resort and the choices it presented. At first we went towards the lowest point of the promontory after a steep descent (which later became an ascent …. Sob) where a fascinating spectacle appeared: the rocks gave access through the path to a crystalline sea. Unfortunately getting on and off this type of “beach” could not be easy for those who are not experienced swimmers – so apart from the photographs and a bit of relaxation we went back to the center of the Resort.

Going back along the avenue again and also finding a delightful restaurant / bar (which we will talk about later) we skirt the main restaurant called Tirreno and what is described as the gourmet restaurant of the structure – the Donna Floriana. Continuing straight ahead we arrive at an elevator that leads directly to a cave that overlooks the main beach of the resort made of small pebbles. Also on the beach there is a bar and the possibility of doing sports (canoeing, sailing) and the deckchairs are very comfortable. The first two rows are drawn by those who decide to option them with the premium formula, but also in the rows behind it is very comfortable. My girlfriend consumed a well done Spritz, while I limited myself to the consumption of water (which is always free in all the facilities of the resort). Our tan has begun to come to life!

beach at Pollina Premium Resort
The beach at Pollina Premium Resort

Shower and….First Dinner

A quick passage to the seawater swimming pool right in the center of the village, and also a game of beach volleyball which never hurts, and we returned to the room to relax with a regenerating shower. Our room was undoubtedly equipped with every comfort, a spacious bathroom and a King Size bed (often it seemed to be 2 meters away with my fiancée). Each supply of tablecloths is permanently exchanged in the morning, as are the beds made and the room cleaned.

As a first dinner we choose a pizza in the outdoor pizzeria we mentioned earlier (the one on the descent to get to the rocky beach). In the evening, the atmosphere is truly welcoming and intimate, with soft lights extending through the trees above the tables. Everything was spotless and the prices of the pizzas, free in the full board version, were undoubtedly super competitive. Water and wine were included in the dinner, while as mentioned the atmosphere was truly priceless. We immediately made friends with all the staff and in particular with Christian, a waiter in the area always ready to fulfill our requests.

The evening at the Narciso Terrace

After dinner and the Aeroviaggi animation show in the amphitheater we decided to move to the Narciso Terrace where we made an appointment with the staff and other people on vacation like us. The music retraced our youth (90-2000 dance) and we had a lot of fun consuming a very good prosecco in the bar also present there. The staff as always involved and very kind contoured a September evening at the end of a truly fantastic day. During the evening it should also be noted that the director of the structure, Giosuè Miceli, offered all present 3 bottles of prosecco shared by those present – in all no more than 50 people given the late hour.

The second day – dinner at Donna Floriana

As soon as we woke up on the second day, we had a full continental breakfast which kept us full all day. Breakfast takes place at the Tirreno restaurant (the main one where even those with full board treatment have lunch and dinner) and is full of all kinds of food. Fresh fruit, freshly extracted juices, coffee and tea as well as first fruits and freshly made delicacies – such as crepes – give the opportunity to satisfy all types of palate.

After the day spent in the pool, and after a well-deserved rest in the room, we have previously booked (24 hours before) a dinner at Donna Floriana – the hotel’s gourmet restaurant overlooking the sea. At the price of 50 € per person a complete menu from appetizer to dessert, all abundant and all fresh – the menu in fact varies according to the catch of the day. Raw seafood, sea urchin ravioli, sea bass and tuna in a pistachio crust and finally a trio of desserts with Catalan cream and tiramisu. The sommelier Gioia recommended the wine to choose, a glass each to be paid for separately, to best complete our dinner, after which once again the director Giosué – as an excellent host – sent us a very welcome table. bottle of white Sabbie dell’Etna, a wine truly to be tasted ….. and relished! The evening passed romantic and light, the food satisfying and once again the dream location.

Tuna and pistachio
Sea bass and Tuna in pistachio crisps

Aperitifs on the terrace

With more than 300 hectares of promontory available, the places – even hidden – where you can enjoy aperitifs are truly numerous …. And all with breathtaking views. In fact it is very easy to see the sunset from one of the terraces that surround the resort, and we have done it very happy! Whether it’s a good glass of Ferrari, or a selection of wines and prosecco, we really enjoyed living this sunset aperitif experience. Probably the following images explain in a more exhaustive way what we are talking about at this moment, giving meaning and form to the words of happiness expressed.

Pollina Premium Resort is a unique experience

It may have been the wait, it may have been the stress accumulated during the year of work (and covid), but we really needed to live something that reconciles us with nature and well-being. In this sense, the Pollina Premium Resort represents one of the highest expressions of the term “vacation” in all senses. The genuineness and helpfulness of the staff – from the waiters to the barmen through the entertainment – the personality of the director Miceli always present and ready to satisfy the requests of the guests and above all the care of a location like few in the world. Do we recommend it? Absolutely yes, and I think we will come back sometime in the next few years hoping to find intact the sensations we experienced in the 4 days we spent there. Even our desire to explore further places, always with the neutrality of traveling bloggers and not paid publicists, will probably take us back to one of the Mangia’s Collection and Aeroviaggi resorts.

Greetings to those who shared this wonderful experience with us!

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