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The town of Marzamemi

the town of Marzamemi

The Town of Marzamemi is really a Jewel, an hidden gem, in the south part of Sicily. It’s a marine village of the municipality of Pachino from which it is about 2 km, it is also located 20 km from Noto, capital of the Baroque. It is located in the province of Syracuse. Etimology The […]

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Lampedusa and the rabbit beach

The Island of Lampedusa

Lampedusa is one of the island of Pelagie – between Italy and Africa – and by far the rabbit beach is one of the most beautiful beaches of the world!It is the largest of the Pelagie archipelago in the Mediterranean Sea and is part of the province of Agrigento. Administratively, together with Linosa, the municipality […]

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The town of Cefalu

woman in cefalu

The town of Cefalu, near Palermo, is literally one of the pearls of Mediterraneum. Nestled on the north coast of Sicily, the town of Cefalù offers unique views to tourists who very often decide to return. History of Cefalu Traces of frequentation of the site date back to prehistoric times, in particular in two caves […]

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Ortygia in Syracuse

Ortygia in Syracuse is a small island which is the oldest part of the city of Syracuse. Its name derives from the ancient greek ortyx (ὄρτυξ) which means “quail”. Its extension does not exceed 1 km² and its population totals 4,269 (2011) inhabitants. After the Ear of Dyonisius we would like to tell you something […]

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The salt works of Trapani

The Salt Works of Trapani and Paceco is a nature reserve in the western part of Sicily: in the province of Trapani. Established in 1995, which covers almost 1000 hectares in the territory of the municipalities of Trapani and Paceco. The reserve, inside which the ancient salt extraction activity is carried out, is an important […]

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The Town of Taormina is one of the most beautiful spots of Sicily. Plenty of history and with an uncompromising landscape the little city on the east coast of Sicily is well renown all around the world. Geography of Taormina It is located on a hill at 206 m above sea level, suspended between rocks […]

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Noto Cathedral

Noto Cathedral is one of the most recognized monuments of Sicily. Recently refurbished the Cathedral is one of the UNESCO Heritage on the Island. It’s the most important place of Catholic worship in the city of Noto, as well as the bishop’s seat of the homonymous diocese, in Sicily. It is located on the top […]

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Scala dei Turchi

One of the most enchanting places in Sicily is the “Scala dei Turchi“. One of the most enchanting places in Sicily is the “Scala dei Turchi”. A rocky wall (cliff) that is reflected in a crystalline sea on the coast of Realmonte – in the province of Agrigento. Geology La Scala consists of marl, a […]

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Corleone has often been associated with the figure of the underworld and the Mafia, but the town in the province of Palermo contains very important treasures and was the set of a masterpiece as “The godfather” in which the protagonist takes the surname Corleone from his country of origin. Geography Located in the middle of […]

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Strait of Messina

The Strait of Messina is one of the point of interest in the whole Sicily. Both from the historical point of view and from the logistic one the Strait of Messina represents a crucial junction in commerce and a fundamental place in literature. Located west of the Region it is only 1.9 miles wide at […]

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